House on Wheels Echo Living

The most southerly member of our small building collection is the House on Wheels. Designed and built in our workshop in Scotland, it was commissioned by a yoga teacher from Glasgow who had been unable to find a solution which would protect the integrity of the tiny site and preserve its trees. It was shipped to a remote site on the island of Crete, and the little, off-grid hideaway now sits amongst the olive trees and opens up to reveal a beautiful spruce lined living space, with stunning sea views.

The building was designed to fit its site with minimal environmental impact and to satisfy local planning requirement that stipulated that the building should be on wheels. Measurements were taken to plot the position of the ancient trees, and the little cabin was designed to sit between them, and also to fit the dimensions of a single lorry for the trip to Crete. Transferred onto a Hiab for the final leg of the journey down dusty, single-track roads, it was finally craned into place between three ancient olive trees. Members of our team installed the building, overseeing its delivery and installation, and putting the finishing touches to the interior and exterior. Nestling in the olive grove under its dappled shade, the little white cabin echoes the buildings in the village on the hills above.

Images and text via Echo Living